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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2005Accuracy of predicting milk yield from alternative milk recording schemesBerry, Donagh P.; Olori, V. E.; Cromie, A.R.; Veerkamp, R. F.; Rath, M.; Dillon, Pat
8-Sep-2016Additive genetic, non-additive genetic and permanent environmental effects for female reproductive performance in seasonal calving dairy femalesKelleher, M.M.; Buckley, Frank; Evans, R.D.; Berry, Donagh P.
18-May-2009Administration of a live culture of Lactococcus lactis DPC 3147 into the bovine mammary gland stimulates the local host immune response, particularly IL-1β and IL-8 gene expressionBeecher, Christine; Daly, Mairead; Berry, Donagh P.; Klostermann, Katja; Flynn, James; Meaney, William J; Hill, Colin; McCarthy, Tommie V.; Ross, R Paul; Giblin, Linda
Nov-2006Association between body condition score and live weight in pasture-based Holstein-Friesian dairy cowsBerry, Donagh P.; Macdonald, Kevin A.; Penno, John W.; Roche, John R.
29-Jul-2010Association of bovine leptin polymorphisms with energy output and energy storage traits in progeny tested Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle siresGiblin, Linda; Butler, Stephen T.; Kearney, Breda M.; Waters, Sinead M.; Callanan, Michael J.; Berry, Donagh P.
Apr-2011Associations between herd size, rate of expansion and production, breeding policy and reproduction in spring-calving dairy herdsJago, J. G.; Berry, Donagh P.
2010Associations between the K232A polymorphism in the diacylglycerol-O-transferase 1 (DGAT1) gene and performance in Irish Holstein-Friesian dairy cattleBerry, Donagh P.; Howard, Dawn J.; O'Boyle, P.; Waters, Sinead M.; Kearney, J.F.; McCabe, M.
Oct-2007Body condition score and live-weight effects on milk production in Irish Holstein-Friesian dairy cowsBerry, Donagh P.; Buckley, Frank; Dillon, Pat
Jun-2010A catalogue of validated single nucleotide polymorphisms in bovine orthologs of mammalian imprinted genes and associations with beef production traitsMagee, D. A.; Berkowicz, Erik W; Sikora, K. M.; Berry, Donagh P.; Park, S. D. E.; Kelly, A. K.; Sweeney, T.; Kenny, David A.; Evans, R. D.; Wickham, B. W.; Spillane, C.; MacHugh, D. E.
Apr-2005Comparison of growth curves of three strains of female dairy cattleBerry, Donagh P.; Horan, Brendan; Dillon, Pat
2005Cow factors affecting the risk of clinical mastitisBerry, Donagh P.; Meaney, William J
1-Aug-2008Cow welfare in grass based milk production systemsBoyle, Laura; Olmos, G.; Llamas Moya, S.; Palmer, M.A.; Gleeson, David E; O’Brien, Bernadette; Horan, Brendan; Berry, Donagh P.; Arkins, S.; Alonso Gómez, M.; Mee, John F
1-Nov-2005Dairy cattle breeding objectives combining production and non-production traits for pasture based systems in Ireland.Berry, Donagh P.; Buckley, Frank; Dillon, Pat; Veerkamp, R.F.
19-Jun-2015Detection of selection signatures in dairy and beef cattle using high-density genomic informationZhao, Fuping; McParland, Sinead; Kearney, Francis; Du, Lixin; Berry, Donagh P.
5-Jan-2016Development and implementation of genomic predictions in beef cattleBerry, Donagh P.; Garcia, J.F.; Garrick, D. J.
13-Oct-2010DNA sequence polymorphisms in a panel of eight candidate bovine imprinted genes and their association with performance traits in Irish Holstein-Friesian cattleMagee, David A; Sikora, Klaudia M; Berkowicz, Erik W; Berry, Donagh P.; Howard, Dawn J; Mullen, Michael Paul; Evans, Ross D; Spillane, Charles; MacHugh, David E
7-Jan-2011DNA sequence polymorphisms within the bovine guanine nucleotide-binding protein Gs subunit alpha (Gsalpha)-encoding (GNAS) genomic imprinting domain are associated with performance traitsSikora, Klaudia M; Magee, David A; Berkowicz, Erik W; Berry, Donagh P.; Howard, Dawn J; Mullen, Michael Paul; Evans, Ross D; MacHugh, David E; Spillane, Charles
2006Do-it-yourself milk recording as a viable alternative to supervised milk recording in IrelandBerry, Donagh P.; Burke, M.; O'Keeffe, M.; O'Connor, P.
Jan-2009Effect of genetic group and feed system on locomotion score, clinical lameness and hoof disorders of pasture-based Holstein–Friesian cowsOlmos, G.; Boyle, Laura; Horan, Brendan; Berry, Donagh P.; O'Connor, P.; Mee, John F; Hanlon, A.
Jul-2009Effect of Holstein–Friesian genetic group on peripartum and early lactation haematological and acute phase proteins profiles, health and fertilityOlmos, G.; Boyle, Laura; Horan, Brendan; Berry, Donagh P.; Sayers, Riona; Hanlon, A.; Mee, John F
Showing results 1 to 20 of 87
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