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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2009Adding value to cull cow beefO'Donovan, Michael; Minchin, William; Buckley, Frank; Kenny, David; Shalloo, Laurence
1-Aug-2008Adding value to milk by increasing its protein and CLA contentsMurphy, J.J.; Stanton, Catherine; O'Donovan, Michael; Kavanagh, S.; Maher, J.; Patton, Joe; Mohammed, Riaz
1-Aug-2008Adding value to milk by increasing its protein and CLA contents.Murphy, J.J.; Stanton, Catherine; O'Donovan, Michael; Kavanagh, S.; Maher, J.; Patton, J.; Mohammed, R.
2011Capturing the economic benefit of Lolium perenne cultivar performanceMcEvoy, M.; O'Donovan, Michael; Shalloo, Laurence
2011The economics of reseeding on a dairy farmShalloo, Laurence; Creighton, P.; O'Donovan, Michael
2004Effect of autumn/spring nitrogen application date and level on dry matter production and nitrogen efficiency in perennial ryegrass swardsO'Donovan, Michael; Delaby, L; Stakelum, G; Dillon, Pat
1-Nov-2008The effect of different levels of spring grass supply and stocking rate on the performance and intake of cows in early lactationO'Donovan, Michael; McEvoy, Mary; Kennedy, Emer; Delaby, Luc; Murphy, John
1-Jul-2008The effect of grass genotype and spring management on the nutritive value of mid-summer ryegrass swardsO'Donovan, Michael; Hurley, Grainne; Gilliland, Trevor
1-Jan-2006Evaluation of fermented whole crop wheat, urea-treated processed whole crop wheat and maize silage for dairy cowsMurphy, J.J.; Burke, F.; Kavanagh, S.; O'Donovan, Michael; Mulligan, F.J.
3-Apr-2014Gastrointestinal tract size, total-tract digestibility, and rumen microflora in different dairy cow genotypesBeecher, Marion; Buckley, Frank; Waters, Sinead M.; Boland, T. M.; Enriquez-Hidalgo, D.; Deighton, M. H.; O'Donovan, Michael; Lewis, Eva
14-Nov-2015Inter-relationships among alternative definitions of feed efficiency in grazing lactating dairy cowsHurley, A. M.; Lopez-Villalobos, N.; McParland, Sinead; Kennedy, Emer; Lewis, Eva; O'Donovan, Michael; Burke, J.L.; Berry, Donagh P.
1-Dec-2005An investigation into the effects of different starts to the grazing season on sward structure and sward dynamics and dairy cow performance during the grazing season.O'Donovan, Michael; Kennedy, Emer; Delaby, Luc; Murphy, John Paul
Jan-2006Manipulation of Grass Supply to Meet Feed DemandFrench, Padraig; Hennessey, Deirdre; O'Donovan, Michael; Laidlaw, S.
1-Dec-1999Measurement of Grassland Management Practice on Commercial Dairy FarmsO'Donovan, Michael; Dillon, Pat
2009Prediction of cull cow carcass characteristics from live weight and body condition score measured pre slaughterMinchin, W.; Buckley, Frank; Kenny, David A.; Keane, Michael G.; Shalloo, Laurence; O'Donovan, Michael
2011Requirements of future grass-based ruminant production systems in IrelandO'Donovan, Michael; Lewis, Eva; O'Kiely, Padraig
19-Sep-2013The variation in morphology of perennial ryegrass cultivars throughout the grazing season and effects on organic matter digestibilityBeecher, Marion; Hennessy, Deirdre; Boland, T. M.; McEvoy, Mary; O'Donovan, Michael; Lewis, Eva
1-Oct- 2Welfare and health of dairy cattle on out-wintering pads or in cubicle housing with or without cushioned flooring.Boyle, Laura; Mee, John F; O'Donovan, Michael; Kiernan, Paul
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18


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