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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Mar-2017The altered gut microbiota in adults with cystic fibrosisBurke, D.G.; Fouhy, Fiona; Harrison, M. J; Rea, Mary C; Cotter, Paul D; O’Sullivan, O.; Stanton, Catherine; Hill, C.; Shanahan, F.; Plant, B. J; Ross, R. Paul
8-Apr-2016Bacteriocins: Novel Solutions to Age Old Spore-Related Problems?Egan, Kevin; Field, Des; Rea, Mary C.; Ross, R. Paul; Hill, Colin; Cotter, Paul D.
30-Nov-2016A Bioengineered Nisin Derivative, M21A, in Combination with Food Grade Additives Eradicates Biofilms of Listeria monocytogenesSmith, Muireann K.; Draper, Lorraine A.; Hazelhoff, Pieter-Jan; Cotter, Paul D; Ross, R. Paul; Hill, Colin
19-Mar-2015A Bioengineered Nisin Derivative to Control Biofilms of Staphylococcus pseudintermediusField, Des; Gaudin, Noemie; Lyons, Francy; O'Connor, Paula M.; Cotter, Paul D.; Hill, Colin; Ross, R. Paul
Nov-2015Bioengineering Lantibiotics for Therapeutic SuccessField, Des; Cotter, Paul D.; Hill, Colin; Ross, R. Paul
20-Aug-2009Comparative Analysis of Pyrosequencing and a Phylogenetic Microarray for Exploring Microbial Community Structures in the Human Distal IntestineClaesson, Marcus J.; O'Sullivan, Orla; Wang, Qiong; Nikkila, Janne; Marchesi, Julian R.; Smidt, Hauka; de Vos, Willem M.; Ross, R. Paul; O'Toole, Paul W.
22-Jun-2016Early Gut Microbiota Perturbations Following Intrapartum Antibiotic Prophylaxis to Prevent Group B Streptococcal DiseaseMazzola, Giuseppe; Murphy, Kiera; Ross, R. Paul; Di Gioia, Diana; Biavati, Bruno; Corvaglia, Luigi T.; Faldella, Giacomo; Stanton, Catherine
4-May-2012The Effect of Feeding Bt MON810 Maize to Pigs for 110 Days on Intestinal MicrobiotaBuzoianu, Stefan G.; Walsh, Maria C.; Rea, Mary C.; O'Sullivan, Orla; Crispie, Fiona; Cotter, Paul D.; Ross, R. Paul; Gardiner, Gillian E.; Lawlor, Peadar G
6-Mar-2015The Effects of Freezing on Faecal Microbiota as Determined Using MiSeq Sequencing and Culture-Based InvestigationsFouhy, Fiona; Deane, Jennifer; Rea, Mary C.; O’Sullivan, Orla; Ross, R. Paul; O’Callaghan, Grace; Plant, Barry J.; Stanton, Catherine
17-Jan-2017Evolution of gut microbiota composition from birth to 24 weeks in the INFANTMET CohortHill, Cian J; Lynch, Denise B; Murphy, Kiera; Ulaszewska, Marynka; Jeffery, Ian B; O’Shea, Carol A; Watkins, Claire; Dempsey, Eugene; Mattivi, Fulvio; Touhy, Kieran; Ross, R. Paul; Ryan, C. A; O’ Toole, Paul W; Stanton, Catherine
20-May-2014Fermented beverages with health-promoting potential: Past and future perspectivesMarsh, Alan J.; Hill, Colin; Ross, R. Paul; Cotter, Paul D.
16-Jul-2014Fermented beverages with health-promoting potential: Past and future perspectivesMarsh, Alan J.; Hill, Colin; Ross, R. Paul; Cotter, Paul D.
14-Apr-2015The Gut Microbiota Composition in Dichorionic Triplet Sets Suggests a Role for Host Genetic FactorsMurphy, Kiera; O'Shea, Carol Anne; Ryan, C. Anthony; Dempsey, Eugene M.; O'Toole, Paul W.; Stanton, Catherine; Ross, R. Paul
4-Sep-2015Impact of Environmental Factors on Bacteriocin Promoter Activity in Gut-Derived Lactobacillus salivariusGuinane, Caitriona M.; Piper, Clare; Draper, Lorraine A.; O'Connor, Paula M.; Hill, Colin; Ross, R. Paul; Cotter, Paul D.
26-May-2016Influence of GABA and GABA-producing Lactobacillus brevis DPC 6108 on the development of diabetes in a streptozotocin rat modelMarques, T. M.; Patterson, E.; Wall, R.; O'Sullivan, Orla; Fitzgerald, G. F.; Cotter, Paul D.; Dinan, T. G.; Cryan, J. F.; Ross, R. Paul; Stanton, Catherine
6-Dec-2013In Silico Assigned Resistance Genes Confer Bifidobacterium with Partial Resistance to Aminoglycosides but Not to Β-LactamsFouhy, Fiona; O’Connell Motherway, Mary; Fitzgerald, Gerald F.; Ross, R. Paul; Stanton, Catherine; van Sinderen, Douwe; Cotter, Paul D.
11-Nov-2013Intensive Mutagenesis of the Nisin Hinge Leads to the Rational Design of Enhanced DerivativesHealy, Brian; Field, Des; O’Connor, Paula M.; Hill, Colin; Cotter, Paul D.; Ross, R. Paul
18-Apr-2016In Vitro Activities of Nisin and Nisin Derivatives Alone and In Combination with Antibiotics against Staphylococcus BiofilmsField, Des; O'Connor, Rory; Cotter, Paul D; Ross, R. Paul; Hill, Colin
23-Sep-2015Isolation of a Novel Phage with Activity against Streptococcus mutans BiofilmsDalmasso, Marion; De Haas, Eric; Neve, Horst; Strain, Ronan; Cousin, Fabien J.; Stockdale, Stephen R.; Ross, R. Paul; Hill, Colin
12-Sep-2008Listeriolysin S, a Novel Peptide Haemolysin Associated with a Subset of Lineage I Listeria monocytogenesCotter, Paul D.; Draper, Lorraine A.; Lawton, Elaine M.; Daly, Karen M.; Groeger, David S.; Casey, Patrick G.; Ross, R. Paul; Hill, Colin
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