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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2014Alterations in hepatic miRNA expression during negative energy balance in postpartum dairy cattleFatima, Attia; Waters, Sinead M.; O'Boyle, Padraig; Seoighe, Cathal; Morris, Dermot G
29-Jul-2010Association of bovine leptin polymorphisms with energy output and energy storage traits in progeny tested Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle siresGiblin, Linda; Butler, Stephen T.; Kearney, Breda M.; Waters, Sinead M.; Callanan, Michael J.; Berry, Donagh P.
2010Associations between the K232A polymorphism in the diacylglycerol-O-transferase 1 (DGAT1) gene and performance in Irish Holstein-Friesian dairy cattleBerry, Donagh P.; Howard, Dawn J.; O'Boyle, P.; Waters, Sinead M.; Kearney, J.F.; McCabe, M.
Oct-2009Differences in the expression of genes involved in the somatotropic axis in divergent strains of Holstein-Friesian dairy cows during early and mid lactationMcCarthy, Sean D.; Butler, Stephen T.; Patton, Joe; Daly, Mairead; Morris, Dermot G.; Kenny, David A.; Waters, Sinead M.
17-May-2017Effect of dietary restriction and subsequent re-alimentation on the transcriptional profile of bovine ruminal epitheliumKeogh, Kate; Waters, Sinead M.; Cormican, Paul; Kelly, Alan K.; O'Shea, Emma; Kenny, David A.
12-Feb-2016Effect of Dietary Restriction and Subsequent Re-Alimentation on the Transcriptional Profile of Bovine Skeletal MuscleKeogh, Kate; Kenny, David A.; Cormican, Paul; McCabe, Matthew S.; Kelly, Alan; Waters, Sinead M.
9-Dec-2013Effect of genotype on duodenal expression of nutrient transporter genes in dairy cowsWaters, Sinead M.; Keogh, Kate; Buckley, Frank; Kenny, David A
1-Jul-2012Effect of supplementation with different fat sources on the mechanisms involved in reproductive performance in lactating dairy cattleHutchinson, Ian A.; Hennessy, A. A.; Waters, Sinead M.; Dewhurst, Richard J.; Evans, A.C.O.; Lonergan, P.; Butler, Stephen T.
1-Jan-2007Effects of negative energy balance on liver gene and protein expression during the early postpartum period and its impacts on dairy cow fertilityWaters, Sinead M.; McCarthy, Sean D.; Morris, Dermot G.; Kenny, D.A.; Patton, Joe; Murphy, J.; Fenwick, M.; Wathes, D.C.; Fitzpatrick, Richard; Diskin, Michael G.
11-Aug-2011Examination of the bovine leukocyte environment using immunogenetic biomarkers to assess immunocompetence following exposure to weaning stressO'Loughlin, Aran; McGee, Mark; Waters, Sinead M.; Doyle, Sean; Earley, Bernadette
1-Dec-2008An examination of the molecular mechanisms controlling the tissue accumulation of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in cattleWaters, Sinead M.; Hynes, A.C.; Killeen, Aideen P.; Moloney, Aidan P; Kenny, David A.
3-Apr-2014Gastrointestinal tract size, total-tract digestibility, and rumen microflora in different dairy cow genotypesBeecher, Marion; Buckley, Frank; Waters, Sinead M.; Boland, T. M.; Enriquez-Hidalgo, D.; Deighton, M. H.; O'Donovan, Michael; Lewis, Eva
Jul-2012Genetic merit for fertility traits in Holstein cows: III. Hepatic expression of somatotropic axis genes during pregnancy and lactationCummins, Sean B; Waters, Sinead M.; Evans, A.C.O.; Lonergan, P.; Butler, Stephen T.
30-Jul-2015Illumina MiSeq Phylogenetic Amplicon Sequencing Shows a Large Reduction of an Uncharacterised Succinivibrionaceae and an Increase of the Methanobrevibacter gottschalkii Clade in Feed Restricted CattleMcCabe, Matthew Sean; Cormican, Paul; Keogh, Kate; O'Connor, Aaron; O'Hara, Eoin; Palladino, Rafael Alejandro; Kenny, David A.; Waters, Sinead M.
11-Jan-2012Polymorphism discovery and allele frequency estimation using high-throughput DNA sequencing of target-enriched pooled DNA samples.Mullen, Michael Paul; Creevey, Christopher J.; Berry, Donagh P.; McCabe, Matthew; Magee, David A; Howard, Dawn J; Killeen, Aideen P.; Park, Stephen D.; McGettigan, Paul A.; Lucy, Matt C.; MacHugh, David E; Waters, Sinead M.
20-May-2012RNA-seq analysis of differential gene expression in liver from lactating dairy cows divergent in negative energy balanceMcCabe, Matthew; Waters, Sinead M.; Morris, Dermot G.; Kenny, David J; Lynn, David J; Creevey, Christopher J.
16-Feb-2011Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) gene are associated with performance in Holstein-Friesian dairy cattleMullen, Michael Paul; Berry, Donagh P.; Howard, Dawn J.; Diskin, Michael G.; Lynch, Ciaran O.; Giblin, Linda; Kenny, David A.; Magee, David A; Meade, Kieran G; Waters, Sinead M.
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17


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