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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jun-201616S rRNA gene sequencing of mock microbial populations- impact of DNA extraction method, primer choice and sequencing platformFouhy, Fiona; Clooney, Adam G; Stanton, Catherine; Claesson, Marcus J; Cotter, Paul D
2009The 2003 CAP reform: Do decoupled payments affect agricultural production?Howley, Peter; Hanrahan, Kevin; Donnellan, Trevor
2004Abstracts of papers presented at the 33rd Foodscience and Technology Research Conference, University College, Corkvarious; Hanrahan, J. P.
Feb-2005Accuracy of predicting milk yield from alternative milk recording schemesBerry, Donagh P.; Olori, V. E.; Cromie, A.R.; Veerkamp, R. F.; Rath, M.; Dillon, Pat
2-Jul-2012A comparison of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN/GOPC for modelling phosphorus export from three catchments in IrelandNasr, Ahmed Elssidig; Bruen, Michael; Jordan, Philip; Moles, Richard; Kiely, Gerard; Byrne, Paul
Aug-2006Acrylamide formation in potato productsBrunton, Nigel; Gormley, Ronan T.; Butler, Francis; Cummins, Enda; Danaher, Martin; O'Keeffe, Michael
1-Nov-2008Adding value to Beef Forequarter MusclesKenny, Tony; Lennon, Ann; Ward, Patrick; Sullivan, Paul; McDonald, Karl; O’Neill, Eileen; Downey, Gerard
Nov-2008Adding value to beef forequarter musclesKenny, Tony; Lennon, Ann; Ward, Patrick; Sullivan, Paul; McDonald, Karl; Downey, Gerard; O'Neill, Eileen
1-Aug-2009Adding value to cull cow beefO'Donovan, Michael; Minchin, William; Buckley, Frank; Kenny, David; Shalloo, Laurence
1-Aug-2008Adding value to milk by increasing its protein and CLA contentsMurphy, J.J.; Stanton, Catherine; O'Donovan, Michael; Kavanagh, S.; Maher, J.; Patton, Joe; Mohammed, Riaz
1-Aug-2008Adding value to milk by increasing its protein and CLA contents.Murphy, J.J.; Stanton, Catherine; O'Donovan, Michael; Kavanagh, S.; Maher, J.; Patton, J.; Mohammed, R.
1-Feb-2006Adding Value To Under utilised Fish SpeciesFagan, John; Gormley, Ronan; Mitchell, Michelle; Downey, Gerard
Feb-2006Adding value to under-utilised fish speciesFagan, John D.; Gormley, Ronan T.; Mitchell, Michelle; Downey, Gerard
8-Sep-2016Additive genetic, non-additive genetic and permanent environmental effects for female reproductive performance in seasonal calving dairy femalesKelleher, M.M.; Buckley, Frank; Evans, R.D.; Berry, Donagh P.
18-May-2009Administration of a live culture of Lactococcus lactis DPC 3147 into the bovine mammary gland stimulates the local host immune response, particularly IL-1β and IL-8 gene expressionBeecher, Christine; Daly, Mairead; Berry, Donagh P.; Klostermann, Katja; Flynn, James; Meaney, William J; Hill, Colin; McCarthy, Tommie V.; Ross, R Paul; Giblin, Linda
May-2012Agricultural nutrient surpluses as potential input sources to grow third generation biomass (microalgae): A reviewFenton, Owen; O hUallachain, Daire
31-Jul-2006Agriculture, meteorology and water quality in Ireland: a regional evaluation of pressures and pathways of nutrient loss to waterSchulte, Rogier P.; Richards, Karl G.; Daly, K.; Kurz, I.; McDonald, E.J.; Holden, N.M.
Mar-2010Agriculture, Rural Development and Potential for a ‘Middle Agriculture’ in IrelandMacken-Walsh, Aine
11-Jun-2014The Agrodiversity Experiment: three years of data from a multisite study in intensively managed grasslandsKirwan, Laura; Connolly, John; Brophy, Caroline; Baadshaug, Ole; Belanger, Gilles; Black, Alistair D; Camus, Tim; Collins, Rosemary; Cop, Jure; Delgado, Ignacio; De Vliegher, Alex; Elgersma, Anjo; Frankow-Lindberg, Bodil; Golinski, Piotr; Grieu, Philippe; Gustavsson, Anne-Maj; Helgadottir, Aslaug; Hoglind, Mats; Huguenin-Elie, Olivier; Jorgensen, Marit; Kadziuliene, Zydre; Lunnan, Tor; Luscher, Andreas; Kurki, Paivi; Porqueddu, Claudio; Sebastia, M.-Teresa; Thumm, Ulrich; Walmsley, David; Finn, John A.
May-2014Alley coppice—a new system with ancient rootsMorhart, Christopher D.; Douglas, Gerry C.; Dupraz, Christian; Graves, Anil R.; Nahm, Michael; Paris, Perluigi; Sauter, Udo H.; Sheppard, Jonathan; Spiecker, Heinrich
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1111
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