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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2005Dairy cattle breeding objectives combining production and non-production traits for pasture based systems in Ireland.Berry, Donagh P.; Buckley, Frank; Dillon, Pat; Veerkamp, R.F.
31-Dec-2016Dairy food structures influence the rates of nutrient digestion through different in vitro gastric behaviourMulet-Cabero, Ana-Isabel; Rigby, Neil M.; Brodkorb, Andre; Mackie, Alan
30-Dec-2016Dairy product production and lactose demand in New Zealand and Ireland under different simulated milk product-processing portfoliosSneddon, N.W.; Lopez-Villabos, N.; Hickson, R.E.; Davis, S.R.; Geary, U.; Garrick, D.J.; Shalloo, Laurence
5-Feb-2014A degenerate PCR-based strategy as a means of identifying homologues of aminoglycoside and ß-lactam resistance genes in the gut microbiotaFouhy, Fiona; Ross, R Paul; Fitzgerald, Gerald F; Stanton, Catherine; Cotter, Paul D.
5-Jul-2017Delaying pigs from the normal production flow is associated with health problems and poorer performanceCalderon Díaz, Julia; Diana, Alessia; Boyle, Laura; Leonard, Finola C; McElroy, Máire; McGettrick, Shane; Moriarty, John; Garcia Manzanilla, Edgar
1-Jun-2009Demographics of cattle positive for Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis by faecal culture, from submissions to the Cork Regional Veterinary LaboratoryRichardson, EKB; Mee, John F; Sánchez-Miguel, C; Crilly, J; More, Simon J
8-Jul-2013Denitrification and indirect N2O emissions in groundwater: Hydrologic and biogeochemical influencesJahangir, Mohammad M. R.; Johnston, P.; Barrett, M.; Khalil, M.I.; Groffman, P.M.; Boeckx, P.; Fenton, Owen; Murphy, John; Richards, Karl G.
28-May-2011Denitrification potential in subsoils: A mechanism to reduce nitrate leaching to groundwaterJahangir, Mohammad M. R.; Khalil, M.I.; Johnston, P.; Cardenas, L. M.; Hatch, D.J.; Butler, M.; Barrett, M.; O'Flaherty, V.; Richards, Karl G.
29-Jun-2015Detection and characterisation of Complement protein activity in bovine milk by bactericidal sequestration assayMaye, Susan; Stanton, Catherine; Fitzgerald, Gerald F.; Kelly, Philip M.
2003Detection and quantification of apple adulteration in diluted and sulphited strawberry and raspberry purées using visible and near infrared spectroscopyDowney, Gerard; Kelly, J. Daniel
2007Detection of abnormal recordings in Irish milk recorded dataQuinn-Whelton, N.; Killen, L.; Guinee, Timothy P.; Buckley, Frank
17-Oct-2013Detection of adulteration in fresh and frozen beefburger products by beef offal using mid-infrared ATR spectroscopy and multivariate data analysisZhao, Ming; Downey, Gerard; O'Donnell, C.P.
7-Dec-2010Detection of banned nitrofuran metabolites in animal plasma samples using UHPLC–MS/MSRadovnikovic, Anita; Moloney, Mary; Byrne, Patrick; Danaher, Martin
14-Jan-2011Detection of benzimidazole carbamates and amino metabolites in liver by surface plasmon resonance-biosensorKeegan, Jemma; O'Kennedy, Richard; Crooks, Steven; Elliot, Christopher; Brandon, David; Danaher, Martin
2013Detection of offal adulteration in beefburgers using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy and multivariate modellingZhao, Ming; O'Donnell, Colm P.; Downey, Gerard
30-Jan-2016Detection of presumptive Bacillus cereus in the Irish dairy farm environmentO'Connell, A.; Lawton, E.M.; Leong, Dara; Cotter, Paul D; Gleeson, David; Guinane, Catriona M.
19-Jun-2015Detection of selection signatures in dairy and beef cattle using high-density genomic informationZhao, Fuping; McParland, Sinead; Kearney, Francis; Du, Lixin; Berry, Donagh P.
10-Dec-2014Determination and Occurrence of Phenoxyacetic Acid Herbicides and Their Transformation Products in Groundwater Using Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Tandem Mass SpectrometryMcManus, Sarah-Louise; Moloney, Mary; Richards, Karl G.; Coxon, Catherine E.; Danaher, Martin
2008Determination of benzo[alpha]pyrene in Turkish döner kebab samples cooked with charcoal or gas fireTerzi, G.; Celik, T.H.; Nisbet, C.
25-Jul-2007Determination of exposed sulphydryl groups in heated β-lactoglobulin A using IAEDANS and mass spectrometryKehoe, Joseph James; Brodkorb, Andre; Molle, Daniel; Yokoyama, Emilie; Famelart, Marie-Helene; Bouhallab, Said; Morris, Edwin R; Croguennec, Thomas
Showing results 191 to 210 of 1111
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