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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Nov-2009Walking in the Irish countryside – Landowner preferences and attitudes to improved public access provisionBuckley, Cathal; Hynes, Stephen; van Rensburg, Tom M.; Doherty, Edel
1-Apr-2001Weaning Mart SurveyPrendiville, Daniel J.; Earley, Bernadette
1-Jan-2008Web-based Tools for the Analysis of DNA MicroarraysGeeleher, P.; Golden, A.; Hinde, J.; Morris, Dermot G.
1-Dec-2000Weed control in glyphosate tolerant sugar beet.Mitchell, B.J.
1-Oct- 2Welfare and health of dairy cattle on out-wintering pads or in cubicle housing with or without cushioned flooring.Boyle, Laura; Mee, John F; O'Donovan, Michael; Kiernan, Paul
19-Mar-2004The Welfare of Animals Transported From Ireland to Italy.Earley, Bernadette; Farrell, Joseph A.; Murray, Margaret; Nolan, Michael; Prenderville, Dan; O'Riordan, Edward G.
1-Jan-2003The welfare of animals transported from Ireland to Spain AND The Physiological haematological and immunological responses of 9-month old bulls (250kg) to transport at two stocking densities (0.85m2 and 1.27m2 /250kg animal) on a 12-hour journey by road.Earley, Bernadette; Farrell, Joseph A.; Murray, Margaret; Prendiville, Daniel J.; O'Riordan, Edward G.
1-Jan-2009WEMAC ProjectDonnellan, Trevor; Hanrahan, Kevin
Jul-2008What are the financial returns to agriculture from a common property resource? A case study of Irish commonageBuckley, Cathal; van Rensburg, Tom M.; Hynes, Stephen
5-Jun-2016What Does Life-Cycle Assessment of agricultural products need for more meaningful inclusion of biodiversity?Teillard, Felix; Maia de Souza, Danielle; Thoma, Greg; Gerber, Pierre J.; Finn, John A.
Jan-1999Wheat flour properties and end product qualityDwyer, Elizabeth; O'Halloran, Grainne R.
21-Mar-2017Whey protein effects on energy balance link the intestinal mechanisms of energy absorption with adiposity and hypothalamic neuropeptide gene expressionNilaweera, Kanishka N; Cabrera-Rubio, Raul; Speakman, John R.; O'Connor, Paula M.; McAuliffe, Ann Marie; Guinane, Catriona M.; Lawton, Elaine M.; Crispie, Fiona; Aguilera, Monica; Stanley, Maurice; Boscaini, Serena; Joyce, Susan; Melgar, Sylvia; Cryan, John F.; Cotter, Paul D.
13-Jan-2015Whey protein isolate decreases murine stomach weight and intestinal length and alters the expression of Wnt signalling-associated genesMcAllan, Liam; Speakman, John R.; Cryan, John F.; Nilaweera, Kanishka N.
24-May-2013Whey protein isolate polydispersity affects enzymatic hydrolosis outcomesO'Loughlin, Ian B.; Murray, Brian A.; Brodkorb, Andre; Fitzgerald, Richard J.; Robinson, A. A.; Holton, T. A.; Kelly, Tom A.
6-Jul-2017Whole-Genome Shotgun Sequence of Salmonella bongori, First Isolated in Northwestern ItalyRomano, Angelo; Bellio, Alberto; Macori, Guerrino; Cotter, Paul D; Manila Bianchi, Daniela; Gallina, Silvia; Decastelli, Lucia
1-Apr-1999Winter Housing and Feeding System for Small to Medium Sized Dairy FarmsCrosse, S.; Kearney, S.; Markey, A.; Phelan, J.
5-Dec-2013Within- and across-breed imputation of high-density genotypes in dairy and beef cattle from medium- and low-density genotypesBerry, Donagh P.; McClure, M.C.; Mullen, M.P.
10-Jul-2012Work-related musculoskeletal disorders among Irish farm operatorsOsborne, Aoife; Blake, Catherine; Meredith, David; Kinsella, Anne; Phelan, James; McNamara, John; Cunningham, Caitriona
2008Yield losses caused by late blight (Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary) in potato crops in IrelandDowley, L.J.; Grant, Jim; Griffin, D.
17-Jun-2016Yield of temperate forage grassland species is either largely resistant or resilient to experimental summer droughtHofer, Daniel; Suter, Matthias; Haughey, Eamon; Finn, John A.; Hoekstra, Nyncke J.; Buchman, Nina; Luscher, Andreas
Showing results 1398 to 1417 of 1420
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