• Boron application in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) seed production

      Tomic, Dalibor; Stevovic, Vladeta; Durovic, Dragan; Madic, Milomirka; Bokan, Nikola; Stanisavljevic, Rade (Teagasc (Agriculture and Food Development Authority), Ireland, 2016-01-13)
      A field trial with four red clover cultivars was established on acid soil in order to evaluate the effect of foliar boron application on seed yield. The crop received foliar boron treatment during the second growth of the second year at two applications. Although seed yield showed a significant increase in boron-treated plants in 2011 compared with control (26.0%), its relative increase was far higher in 2010 (43.2%), which had increased total rainfall amounts during flowering. Sufficient level of boron supply to red clover plants for seed production has a remarkably positive effect under conditions hampering pollination and fertilisation.