• Teagasc Profit Monitor Analysis - Dairy Farms 2016

      Teagasc Specialist Service (Teagasc, 2017-05-10)
      The analyses in this publication are based on data provided by Teagasc dairy farmer clients relating to the production year 2016 and entered onto the PM system prior to 27th February 2017. In all, 1,505 farms are represented; 1,352 of these are engaged in spring milk production with the balance (153) engaged in winter/ liquid milk production. In addition, a matched sample analysis of 276 farmers who have completed PM analysis for each year in the period 2008 to 2016 is included. A summary of the key figures are included in the main tables and a more detailed breakdown of costs contained in the later tables. Where ‘Top 25%’ results are presented, the dataset was initially ranked on the basis of net profit per hectare. For the first time in the Dairy PM publication, the author has included an own labour charge (for the farmer’s own and unpaid family labour). This is a welcome development as it recognises that farmer’s labour input (and that of other unpaid family members) is required and rewarded for the milk produced. The labour adjustment is made following the calculation of the enterprise net profit and the adjusted net profit is an estimated return to management, owned land and owned capital.