• Precise Application of Fertiliser

      Forristal, Dermot; Plunkett, Mark (The Fertilizer Association of Ireland in association with Teagasc, 2017-05)
      The role of the fertiliser spreader is often under estimated in the delivery of fertilisers (N, P & K) as evenly and as accurately as possible. Fertilisers are a significant cost in grassland and tillage farming systems, representing between 20 to 30% of total production costs for either a cereal or grass silage crop. There are many steps involved in determining the actual rate of fertiliser from soil sampling to preparing a fertiliser plan. To profit from fertiliser planning it is essential that fertilisers are applied precisely and accurately. There are a number of factors to consider before spreading fertiliser such as: 1. Selecting the correct machine for the bout width and fertiliser to be used 2. Using good quality fertiliser 3. Correct setting of the machine Technical bulletin No. 3 produced by the Fertilizer Association of Ireland in conjunction with Teagasc identifies the steps to consider for the precise application of fertilisers to optimise farm profitability and sustainability.