• Draft Genome Sequences of the Type Strains of Six Macrococcus Species

      Mazhar, Shahneela; Altermann, Eric; Hill, Colin; McAuliffe, Olivia; Teagasc Walsh Fellowship Programme; Teagasc; 2015055; 6697 (American Society for Microbiology, 2019-05-09)
      We report here the draft genome sequences of Macrococcus bovicus ATCC 51825T, Macrococcus carouselicus ATCC 51828T, Macrococcus equipercicus ATCC 51831T, Macrococcus brunensis CCM4811T, Macrococcus hajekii CCM4809T, and Macrococcus lamae CCM4815T. The availability of the genome sequences of these species will enable cross-species comparison, which could lead to a more comprehensive understanding of organisms of the Macrococcus genus.