• Shelf-life extension ingredient and processing technologies applied to Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

      Fogarty, Colin; Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine; 13F458 (2020)
      These current studies explore the possibility of improving analytical methods to assess freshness in seafood and to investigate the antimicrobial potential of a range of natural ingredients both alone and in combination with packaging and chilled storage temperatures to extend the shelf life of Atlantic salmon. The aims of this research study were; • To investigate bacterial growth on Atlantic salmon stored under chilled aerobic conditions thus providing data which may be used to assess which bacterial groups and concentrations are most appropriate for shelf-life determination. • To characterize the microbiota present in the GI tract of Atlantic salmon, using Miseq Illumina high throughput sequencing • To develop and validate rapid sensory (QIM and QDA) and ATP derivative based methods for assessing the freshness of Atlantic salmon. • To investigate the effects of a natural antimicrobial immersion treatment on microbial growth for Atlantic salmon fillets during chilled storage. • To examine the effects of either a natural antimicrobial immersion or spray treatment on mean bacterial counts in combination with packaging technologies for Atlantic salmon fillets during chilled storage. • To assess the effects of skin packaging with retail and sub-zero temperatures on the mean bacterial counts for Atlantic salmon fillets.