• Comparison of the nutritional composition of experimental fermented milk:wheat bulgur blends and commercially available kishk and tarhana products

      O'Callaghan, Yvonne C.; Shevade, Ashwini V.; Guinee, Timothy P.; O'Connor, Tom P.; O'Brien, Nora M.; Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine; 14/F/805 (Elsevier, 2018-11-05)
      Dried, fermented blends of dairy products and cereals, such as kishk and tarhana, are foodstuffs traditionally consumed in many regions as they possess good nutritional qualities and extended storage stability. This study examined the nutritional composition of kishk or tarhana type products and compared with experimental blends of fermented milk and wheat bulgur containing 60–80% milk. The blends with higher milk contents had levels of protein (18.9%) and fat (5.8%) at the concentrations specified in fortified blended foods as outlined by the World Food Program. Higher milk contents were also associated with higher contents of calcium (323.2 mg/100 g), phosphorus (335.3 mg/100 g), vitamin A (486.7 µg/100 g) and α-tocopherol (174.5 µg/100 g). The nutritional content of the experimental fermented milk:wheat bulgur blends compared favourably with that of the commercial samples. These blends may be suitable as base products, to be fortified with micronutrients, for the development of fortified blended foods (FBFs) for humanitarian distribution.