• Major management factors associated with the variation in reproductive performance of Irish dairy herds

      Buckley, Frank; Dillon, Pat; Mee, John F (Teagasc, 2007-01-01)
      The results highlight the importance of BCS in achieving good reproductive performance. The likelihood of reproductive success was best predicted by BCS around the time of breeding and, for cows calving in good BCS (3.0 or greater) the level of BCS loss between calving and first service. A low BCS pre-calving (<2.75) was associated with prolonged calving to first service, and calving to conception intervals. Very high BCS pre-calving (>3.5) results in excessive BCS loss (>0.5) post-calving. On the basis of these findings a pre-calving BCS of no greater than 3.25 is a sensible target for pasture-based spring calving systems in Ireland. It is necessary to maintain BCS at 2.75 or greater during the breeding season, and loss of body condition between calving and first service should be restricted to 0.5 BCS units.