• New Insights into Cell Encapsulation and the Role of Proteins During Flow Cytometry

      Doherty, Sinead B.; Brodkorb, Andre; Irish National Development Plan 2007 to 2013; Irish Dairy Levy Research Trust; Science Foundation Ireland; NU518 (Intech, 13/06/2012)
      Modern approaches to science tend to follow divergent paths. On one hand, instruments and technologies are developed to capture as much information as possible with the need for complex data analysis to identify problematic issues. On the other hand, formulation focused, minimalistic approaches that gather only the most pertinent data for specific questions also represent a powerful methodology. This chapter will provide many examples of the latter by integrating Flow Cytometry (FACS - Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting) technology with high throughput screening (HTS) of encapsulation systems with extensive utility of one-dimensional (1-D) imaging for protein localisation. In this regard, less information is acquired from each cell, data files will be more manageable, easier to analyse and throughput screening will be significantly enhanced beyond traditional HTS analysis, irrespective of the protein concentration present in the background or delivery media.