• Cronobacter Sakazakii ISO 22964:2017 Testing of Milk Powders Using Commercially Available PCR

      Hunt, Karen; Jordan, Kieran; Legeay, Charlène (Teagasc, 2019-05)
      The detection of Cronobacter sakazakii in milk powder is important as a major health issue1 as it can survive for long periods in dry conditions2. Faster detection using PCR is possible and currently need to be compatible with traditionally standardised ISO methods. Viable cells are detected by PCR when dead cells and free DNA are diluted out, inhibited or destroyed. Biorad IQ–check DNA removal solution eliminates the detection of dead cells (based on endonuclease activity) or Biotecon Reagent D, (a light reactive aqueous reagent solution) is a dye designed to eliminate dead bacterial cell amplification, both avoid false-positive PCR results from dead cells. With ISO 20838: Real-Time PCR can be self-confirming and no further confirmation necessary with faster in house control and release of product quicker based on PCR results.