• Effects of cold atmospheric plasma on mackerel lipid and protein oxidation during storage

      Pérez-Andrés, Juan M.; de Alba, María; Harrison, Sabine M.; Brunton, Nigel; Cullen, P. J.; Tiwari, Brijesh K; European Union; Joint Programming Initiative; 692276; 15/HDHL/1 PROHEALTH (Elsevier BV, 2019-09-27)
      The present study investigated the effects of cold atmospheric plasma on the shelf-life stability of lipids and proteins of commercially packaged mackerel fillets. The results showed no significant effects on lipid oxidation between the control samples and those treated at 80 kV for extended treatment times of 5 min using an in-package plasma system. In addition, no significant changes (p > 0.05) were found in the fatty acid composition or nutritional quality indices after treatment. Finally, the formation of carbonyls was accelerated by plasma treatment at the end of the storage period for 4 °C and 8 °C. These results suggest that cold atmospheric plasma technologies are potentially suitable as processing technologies for the fish industry.