• Control of Blown Pack Spoilage in Vacuum Packaged Meat

      Bolton, Declan J.; Moschonas, Galatios; Sheridan, James J.; Downey, Gerard; National Development Plan (Teagasc, 01/10/2009)
      Blown pack spoilage (BPS) represents a significant commercial loss to Irish meat processors. This research discovered that the organisms causing BPS are ubiquitous in the abattoir environment, making eradication very difficult. The risk of BPS is best managed through a process of regular treatment of plant and equipment with a sporicidal agent such as peroxyacetic acid, good hygiene to minimise carcass contamination and removal of the heat shrinkage stage during vacuum packaging as this activates the spores and reduces the time to spoilage.
    • Evaluation and development of animal breeding in Ireland

      McParland, Sinead; Shalloo, Laurence; Berry, Donagh P.; National Development Plan (Teagasc, 2008-11-01)
      The primary objectives of this study were: 1) to annually evaluate the pertinence of the Irish dairy cattle breeding index, the Economic Breeding Index (EBI) and where necessary modify, 2) to evaluate the potential of do-it-yourself milk recording as an alternative to current supervised methods of milk recording, and 3) to estimate the level and rate of accumulation of inbreeding in Irish dairy and beef cattle, to quantify its effects on traits of economic importance, and to develop remedial measures to minimise the future accumulation of inbreeding in Ireland.